The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dogs, Diamonds, Dancing and Dialing....

What a week!

We had lots going on--baseball, and ballet--and some bad news for poor Patches!
He got "fixed"--but ...
had some issues with it--that resulted in this indignity.....

a "cone head" and pink diapers--can you tell how embarassed HE is???

Joesph--at his baseball playoffs--they WON!

His championship game is tonight!

Caroline in her ballet recital!

Hannah and her friend Ally--celebrating wih Caroline after!
Hannah danced too--but changed out of her costume before I could get her picture!

Caroline and Joseph---what a brother--he sat through two recitals so he could watch all three sisters dance!

Caroline and her buddy Julianna before!

Hope did FABULOUS! Her first recital and I cried the whole time!!

What a princess!!!

Hannah getting surprised with her first cell phone---all Daddy's idea!! She cried!
All in all what a great week--spent celebrating our kids and all that they are doing--swimming isn't even featured because I forgot my camera--but they all swam wonderfully at their 1st meet of the season.
When I am feeling frazzled and tired these days--I have to remind myself that these are the best days--the ones that we will remember always.....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blogging break--OVER!

Hello everyone (that is if there is anyone left!) :-)

Things have been incredibly busy here with all of the little one's end of the year activities! We have had graduations, baseball, swimming, and are in the middle of of ballet recital week now--for all three girls--so busy is the word around here!! Here are some pics of what we have been up to this past month!!

Caroline before her kindergarten graduation!

Love those three!!!

Caroline with some classmates and her awesome teacher!

Sam--casually enjoying his breakfast!

and his first ice cream of the season!

and looking more and more grown up!!

Hope and Charlie's pre-school program!

loving each other before.....

Caroline's last day of Kindergarten...

A new slip n slide --using sleds to make it more of an X-game...

Sam enjoying his new water table--uhh-Sam--you aren't supposed to get IN the table!!

And last--but so very not least---I want to thank all of you who personally helped me with my Got Formula? campaign for Love Without Boundaries. It was a wild success!! We raised $2, 845 dollars--almost $1,000 more than our goal!! You have all helped to makes a huge difference in these sweet babies lives--thank you from the bottom of their sweet little hearts!!
Happy summer--and I hope that you all are well, and having lots of fun!!