The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Showers of Hope!

Hi all!
I am writing this to ask that you all consider helping out with a new fundraiser for Love Without Boundaries.

This new campaign was born out of our first adoption, of our daughter Hope. After leaving China (as I am sure so many of you did/do) I wondered how I could give back to those children that still wait--especially medically fragile kids.

I thought of hosting Showers for the waiting kids--much like a baby shower--but couldn't wrap my head around how to get started and how to reach the most amount of people to help host these showers.

Then--I decided to volunteer for the Love Without Boundaries. I poised my idea to the head of Orphanage Assistance--and she loved the concept and thought that it could be a great way to raise money for the children and babies in their Orphanage Assistance program.

Hence---the program has been born!! It is explained in detail on the LWB home page--here is the link..

Basically it would be you hosting a Shower--either at your home, church, community center, local FCC, school, etc...I would mail you the materials that you would need for the Shower. You will receive brochures, and pictures of children that have been helped by LWB. Also I will provide a script to be read, and video.
There is much more details on the website--but PLEASE consider hosting a Shower for the children waiting.....they need us to help...they need us to care. They need so much.

Please contact me for more info

Amy D.
Fund Raising Coordinator-Orphanage Assistance
Love Without Boundaries

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


ALL of the following children are considered special focus children that are listed with Homeland Adoption Services--the agency that we used for Hope! You would have 6 months to complete your paperwork for any of the beautiful kids---AND you can adopt two at once!

For more info on any of these sweeties you can contact :
For more information about a child, please call Pam Thomas at:
or Nancy Reffsin at 413-253-3592

Also if you have any questions on parenting a child with a limb difference---please do not hesitate in contacting me at:
I have the honor of parenting two sweeties with limb differences!

Xin Wen, F, DOB 4/28/05 Cleft-what a doll! I would love to see her smile!! Meng, F DOB 12/6/99 Hep B- such a pretty girl--I love her pose!

Jie Jie, M, DOB 7/19/03-HEALTHY!! Look at his sweet face!

Fei Fei, F, DOB 1/26/08, upper limb difference--awwww! She looks determined!! How cute!

Hui Bang, M, DOB 2/10/08, Limb Difference--Look at those sweet pouty lips! He needs a mama!!

Fu Fu,F, DOB 8/1/04, Limb Difference--such a sweetie! Hopefully an updated pic will surface!

Yan Yan, F, DOB: 9/29/99, No Medical Needs--she is healthy--and has waited FAR too long for her family!

Zhen,F,DOB:1/14/01 Normal-Recovered HBV==what a gorgeous smile she has!!

Jia, F, DOB: 3/1/02, Repired Cleft Lip/Palate- sweet girl--needs a reason to smile--a family of her own!

Zheng,M, 11/9/04, Repaired VSD--Ok is it me.....or does this adorable boy look a tad familiar?? I'll let you all comment so I know I'm not nuts! Wow!

M, DOB:5/25/02 Limb Difference--LOVE the suspenders! And look at his sweet and soft looking little face!

Zhao Li DOB 6/12/08 Cleft Lip/Palate
Baby boy, post surgery
OMG--look at how darn CUTE he is!! I just want to grab him for a snuggle!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Hope's big day!

Happy 5th Birthday my sweet Hope!

You came to us from across the world at 2 years old...

another world really....
We did not know you until you had already celebrated 2 birthdays--if they were celebrated at all....

You were scared and confused....and so were we....

But now, dearest girl--we celebrate together. We celebrate the China mommy who gave birth to you 5 years ago......

I often wonder what she is thinking on this day. I pray for her peace. I thank her for her gift--which I am sure she could not have had any inkling how INCREDIBLE of a gift this child is--or else she could have never let her go........or perhaps it is because she knew what she could become if given a chance somewhere else.....

I will never know the woman who held my darling girl on this day 5 years ago--who cared for her for two weeks---

I pray she memorized her incredible eyes, her soft skin, and teeny tiny ears....

I pray that she knows--somehow-- that she is ok.

I wish I could show her the love that we all have for this amazing child---

The child of our hearts--the child that we wanted --and that truly changed our lives in ways we never thought possible.

The child that is celebrated today here-with family--and hopefully across the sea too...
Hope Hexu Dinello--Happy Happy Birthday--May you always know that you were loved from the very start--that God held you in HIS hands- as He does now. You are so amazing at just 5 years--I cannot wait to see what you will be doing years from now! (well-I actually can wait!! :-) We love you....for always....

Friday, September 10, 2010

School Daze.........

School has begun.....
kid's hair is cut, and clothes are pressed...

beginning 6th, 1st and 2nd grades...

Caroline is all smiles--which is really not the way it went down this day...

the big kids are ready...

Cannot believe how old my Hannah has gotten..

Hope and Charlie started preK yesterday....

Hope looked oh so stylish in her new duds

Her sneaks were a teacher favorite!

Donuts ease the pain of seperating from mommmy....

Hope tackled one almost as big as she is!

Guess who??

Charlie's Got Milk?

Heading in with Daddy...

Someone is not so thrilled to be going--can you guess??

Charlie perked up when he saw his buddy Rocco!

And Hope went like she owned the place!

Sam thought he was going too.....many tears came when I had to drag him out!

Luckily--Charlie was all smiles at the end of the day!!!
All the kids are off to a great start! However--I now officially cannot help Hannah with her math--it's too hard for me!! :-(
Hoping for a great year! And enjoying some quiet around the house........ ahhhhhhh...
Amy xoxooxox

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Taylor has a FAMILY!!!--and other great stuff!!

Rejoicing with the news that Taylor has a family! After sending a family info on what I knew about Taylor, and my experience with burns--they decided to proceed! He has waited waaaay too long for a family to call his own, so I am so happy today!! And yes--a bit jealous!! ;-)

On that note--I have decided to do a post weekly on kids that are still in need of a family! This week I will focus on the children that wait with limb differences...

Here are just a very FEW that currently are on China's shared list waiting for families.....

NEED: cleft hands and feet
TYPE: shared
DESCRIPTION:Friedrich was born February, 2010. He is able to stare at the toys with bright colors and interesting actions. He will turn his head with objects in sight. When the caretaker talks to him he would gaze at her. He will laugh aloud when teased and is able to make tiny glottals and vowels. He could grasp the toy put on his hand and hold for a moment with right hand, seeing food he tries to eat.

NEED: amniotic banding (toes and ankles, some fingers affected)
TYPE: shared
DESCRIPTION:Zachary was born October, 2009. At the age of 7 months old, he began to try rolling over. He often couldn’t finish the rolling over completely by himself. He needed us to give him a helping hand at first. At the time of his reports, he was just over 8 months old. He can roll over freely. He likes to play with other children in recreation room. He is a vivacious and cute baby.

AGE: 1
NEED: Three fingers on each hand, extra toe on left foot
TYPE: shared
DESCRIPTION:Nate was born August, 2009. He is clever. He will smile when being called, can make sound, likes to be cuddled, and play games with him. When being held and kissed or talk with him with low sound, he will not be noisy, and will stare at your face and smile to you. His reports were done when he was 5 months old. At that time, he could hold up his head and move when both arms supporting him on the ground.He is extroverted, and he is a happy kid.

NEED: cleft hands and feet
STATUS: Available
TYPE: shared
DESCRIPTION:Dru was born March, 2009. He really likes to smile at the nurses and nannies; however, if you just look at him and don’t pick him up, he will fuss and cry, and he cries very terribly. Sometimes you must pick him up in your arms or put the pacifier in his mouth for him to quiet down. When the nanny shakes the rattle, he immediately turns his head to look at the nanny. He sees the nannies feeding other children first, he will make a fuss. He is very ticklish, but he really likes for the nanny to play with him and tickle him.

NEED: absence of both arms
STATUS: Available
TYPE: shared
DESCRIPTION:Aiden was born August, 2009. At the age of 5 months he can babble, and liked toys making sound. At present he likes to play all kinds of games with adults. And when he is playing these games he is very glad and interested. Under the loving care and concern of the caretakers in the welfare institute, he feels safe, happy and satisfied, has formed strong and close bonds with the caretakers

AGE: 2
NEED: amniotic banding to fingers and toes, clubbed feet, low HGB
STATUS: Available
TYPE: shared
DESCRIPTION:Alec was born June, 2008. At the age of 1 year, he learnt to say simple syllables such as “ba, ma, na” (which means dad, mom and take). Now he is able to understand others’ facial expressions. He tries to tease you and express his thoughts. He is very cute. He is a quiet, energetic baby who loves running and sports. He follows the words from the teachers and caregivers and is able to get along well with fellow friends. He understands what said to him by the teachers and caregivers. All of us love him. He prefers to play with fellow friends and caregivers. Favorite toy: cars

AGE: 3
NEED: deformity of feet and hand
STATUS: Available
TYPE: shared
DESCRIPTION:Jasmine was born in August, 2007. At the age of 1 year, she could roll over and sit well. She could also stand for some time while holding onto something for support. She has excellent adaptability to new environments, and she is quiet and has a ready smile. She likes to listen to music and has a quick reaction.

All of the children listed above are on the shared list--so they can be locked at any time. For more information on any of the kids--please contact your agency.

Some agencies that I recommend are:

Great Wall of China Adoption



Madison Adoption Associates

And for any questions regarding limb difference kids--do not hesitate to contact me at:

Have a wonderful day!!!