The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Friday, July 30, 2010


This beautiful girl now has a LUCKY family to call her own!!! They sent in a Letter of Intent over the weekend! God Bless you little one-I am so happy for you!!

Look at this face!!

Can someone look at her as their daughter---her time is running out!!

Please read below--it is from another blog...

Urgent: Precious Girl Needs A Home - PLEASE Read!!
>> Thursday, July 29, 2010 –

A Message For All Adoptive Families:
I am coming to you all PLEADING with someone to adopt this precious little girl. The family that was going to adopt her disrupted in China for no reason at all.........this precious little girl has lost her chance for a family. She's 7, and her only need is Microtia (ear deformity). We have gotten confirmation that this is her ONLY need... her file is completely accurate. The claims of the disrupting family have been checked out and were found to be false. The agency has a limited time to place her. They are offering a $1000 reduction of fees in order to place her quickly.
IF SHE IS NOT MATCHCED BY THIS SUNDAY, the orphanage probably will not refile her paperwork, meaning she will spend the rest of her child hood in the orphanage. Children who are not adopted face a life of working in a factory, begging, or prostituting themselves for survival (I'm not sugar coating here).
Older child adoption isn't easy, it is definitely challenging, but this precious little girl NEEDS a family to call her own. PLEASE, if you have been considering adopting an older girl, send an email to as quickly as you can to find out more. You do NOT have to be LID to adopt her. She is with Wasatch Adoption Agency.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Beach....

Surf Fishing
Speed Racing

So happy

Swaying to the beat

So cool

Sailor boy

Shell searching

Super Smiling

Son bonding...

So pretty

Super Silly

Surf chasing

Sweet Licking Summer friends

Sandy Boy

So many Siblings





So handsome

So Charlie

Super high!

So grown up
Silly boys

Sassy girls

Soulful eyes


So long Stone Harbor.....
See ya next year!