The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Monday, August 16, 2010

Party Time!!

This past weekend we celebrated the 8th Birthday of our son Joseph! It is so hard to believe that it has been 8 years since we had him!

He was so wanted--after 3 years of trying, and several infertility treatments--we finally were pregnant--and the result was our AMAZING 8 year old son!

He is ALL boy--loving all things nerf, baseball, football and legos...

He had a football themed party at a sports place near our house..

All his good buddies were there to celebrate!

And Joseph was a "wee bit" excited!!

There were video games to be played first....

Then water bumper boats....

In which they DELIGHTED in squirting each other!

and laughed so hard they could hardly drive!

They got REALLY wet.....

yet--they didn't seem to mind a bit!

because they were off to do laser tag next!!!

Gearing up!

looking tough!

Joseph checking it out....

Off to battle!

All in all--it was a really wonderful day--for our special boy!

You will always be number 1 in our book--we love you Joseph!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Taylor still waits....

I just got this new information on Taylor---I am still waiting for pics of his legs post-surgery.

Praying SOMEONE will see him and know he is theirs!

Taylor walks more stable now, his toes became more flat after the surgery.He is a brave boy, he never cried during the surgery, even withthe pins in his toes, he smiled to others.

What a sweet brave little boy!! Please e-mail me for more info:

Friday, August 6, 2010

Remember Taylor??

Remember Taylor?? Those who have been following our blog for a bit might--but you can refresh your memory here....

In a nutshell--he was abandoned at 7 months with severe burns to his legs. I saw his file--and since we had just returned home with our own son who also suffered from leg burns, I felt desperate for this beautiful little guy.

I tried to convince hubby about adopting him. Like REALLY tried. But after completing 2 adoptions in 2 years--and with our new son Sam's surgery looming--it was not the time.

After seeing what happened to Sam because he had not been getting skin grafts--I couldn't sit and watch this little one wait.

I, by some miracle, got him sent to Philip Hayden Foundation--where he now resides. He arrived there in December--and within a week I found out that a family had been pre-approved to adopt him.
sigh....but I trusted God knew what He was doing (I still believe that!)

Imagine my surprise this Spring when my contact at PHF told me the family decided to NOT proceed with his adoption--and they withdrew their paperwork from China. My heart shattered for this baby boy!

It took a LONG time---but Taylor is now on the shared list again. After waiting way too long for a family.

The good news is that about a month ago--Taylor got the skin grafting surgery he needed--and which will allow him to walk better. He also had pins put in his toes--so that his feet will be flat to the ground. He is a step ahead now--and most likely will not need any grafting for awhile.

He is described as "calm, patient, with a loving personality" "He shares and gets along with others well and is now excited to greet visitors to PHF"

He was walking a bit slowly--but now that the surgery is complete--he should have a much easier time.

Isn't he precious????

I am praying for someone to consider him. He is beautiful. He is a gift. I am waiting to see how his sweet self will unwrap as he receives the loving family that he deserves.

For more info email me at:

He is listed on the shared list with a birth date of 4/2/2007-with burn contracture of both legs. I know that Xiaoqing from BAAS is very familiar with his file since she has been a huge help to me in getting him the surgery he needed.

Thank you for reading--and please pass this to anyone you think might be interested!!!