The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The power of one........Part 1

UPDATE: I just got this note from Donna Zhu-my liason at Philip Hayden:

"Yes, he is a little scard i think, as he is so quite and speak very little, just call mum sometimes.He would get better soon, lots kids like him when just change their place.He can walk, but very slowly.Thx so much for the upcoming clothes.

Gently used clothle would be fine and now we also lack of regular formula.For long time no formula come in, we need buy for our kids, but it's really expensive. So formula would behighly appreciated. Blessings,Donna"

(****Ok--anyone have any ideas on how I can obtain bulk formula cheap?? I am open to suggestions!!
thank you!!--Amy xoxoxo)

Did you ever feel a bit overwhelmed when trying to think of a way that you could make a difference in this lifetime? Did you ever feel like--"I am just ONE person--what could I possibly do that would make a dent in what needs to be done in this world??"

I know that I have felt that way often. And what I tended to do was to turn a blind eye--go on with my life, and sort of put whatever unpleasantry that I heard about, or saw, out of my mind. It was just easier that way--and alot less painful too.

After adopting though--as I think I have said before--I have a daily reminder of what I saw--what a difference I--yes little old me---could make. But the frustration came in at where to start.

I think that God must have a pretty good sense of humor-because, when I was LEAST looking to find a way to help-is when He so powerfully directed me. I seriously felt completely led by the power of faith. is the story--the big REVEAL--as it were...

I was innocently scanning the new children available for adoption one day--as I tend to do-in order to spot kids with differences that are similar to my children's-so that I could possibly advocate for them. I came across a baby boy--around my Samuel's age. It said that his "need" was burn contractures of both legs. I requested his file so that I could learn a bit more about him. When I looked at the pictures of his legs--I literally broke down. He had such severe and painful looking burns from his groin to his feet. And lesser burns on his belly and neck. He was abandoned at 7 months old--having fresh burns on his body. Again--I believe a case of parents not having the access to the medical care that he would need.

Taylor's legs today--at 2 years old

Can you picture that? Picture your baby--or a baby that is close to you. Picture a tragic accident. Picture that you have no money to help your suffering child. You have nobody to turn to. You know that your child will end up begging on the streets if he remains in this condition--or die.

Well--I cannot fathom what it would take to have to make that decision.

So- I see this baby and I know that the time that it will take to have a family adopt him and get him home will just cause increased contracture of his scars and possible increased nerve and tissue damage. I know that he needs help--and he needs help now.

I e-mail every organization that I can think of that might be able to help him. I hear back right away from Dr. Bill Moody--of the Philip Hayden Foundation. This is a place that houses orphans in need of medical care and provides them a safe harbor during their storm. It is run by Americans whose lives are dedicated to these children--another AMAZING place!

After a couple months--and many e-mails back and forth--I hear that they are arranging for this little guy to travel to them! AMAZING!! His orphanage and his foster family were elated that he would get the surgery that he needs!

I got the call a little over a week ago that "Taylor" (that is the name they gave him at PHF) had arrived. I am in awe, in tears, in amazement that he is there, safe, and getting the help he needs.

sweet, darling little Taylor....

I am ONE person-who sent out ONE mass e-mail--that was answered by ONE other person, that was able to move MANY other people into action to get this ONE child a chance.

he looks so scared....

Humbling, amazing, and no coincidence involved here. Too many things lined up way to perfectly for this to have happened by Chance--it happened by HIS grace alone. I believe that with all my heart.

Now here's where all of you come in.....(you knew there was a catch right??) His needs are severe--his surgeries will be very expensive. I am taking it on as my own personal mission to raise the funds necessary for this little guy. I am working out alot of the details--but in the meantime would love some ideas on fundraising.

ALSO--I am collecting some clothing for him. He arrived with the shirt on his back. I would also love to provide some much needed clothing for the other children there. If you would care to send me anything--I will be mailing out a mass package no later than December 18th. I know that's not much time--but I would love for it to arrive by Christmas. Taylor's size is 18-24 months--but they are also desperate for boys size 2t clothing. Pajamas, socks, undershirts, shoes, are also very mush in need--in many sizes.

If you would like to contribute to my "Taylor's Chance" campaign and send me an item or two--please e-mail me at :

and I will e-mail you my address.

"my" Taylor--at his new "home"--the Philip Hayden Foundation...............

Please, Please consider helping me--can you link this to your blog--and/or e-mail your friends about him??

Remember--it just takes ONE person-to move many mountains. YOU can make a difference today.

And if you are interested in Taylor's Chance surgery fund--I will be adding a chip-in to my website for you to donate directly--as soon as I figure out how to do that!!

Thank you again--for reading, for caring--and for considering this life of his.

Many miracles and wonderful thoughts to you all!

Amy xoxoxox


Cindy said...

Amy, Taylor is such a beautiful boy!!! I am thrilled that your efforts are helping him!!!

I was so sad taking out all of the boys clothes out of their closets that no longer fit but now I know it was for a wonderful and happy occasion!!!! I have lots of clothes for you to send!!! How about if we meet up on Thursday the 17th?

I am so excited for Taylor!!!! And I am in awe of your energy & big heart!!!! Your constant enthusiasm is soooo contagious!!! xoxo, Cindy

Cate O'Malley said...

Amy, that's awesome! One person really CAN make difference and you certainly showed that. Taylor is very lucky to have you in his corner for him. I'll be sending some clothes your way.

Chris said...

I e-mailed you on waiting child list.

Lisa L said...

Amy, you are amazing! Taylor is precious and I have some clothing I can send. Please email me your address- loosclan @ gmail. com

Chris said...

I was just thinking, if you have plenty of clothes to send, would you rather have money to help w/ the shipping costs?
since I am about a day away via US mail I can wait til the last minute if you want.

Mandie said...

You are His hands and feet Amy. Philip Hayden is a wonderful organization to team up with. We sponsor a child right now with them and our son lived with them for a year and a half. Dr. Moody is fantastic. As soon as you get your chip in set up I will be happy to send a little your way for Taylor's treatment.

Anonymous said...

hi aunt amy
he is so cuite me and my mom are going to sell cookies and get money he i so cuite my mom will give him matthews old things

grace cline

Anonymous said...

hi aunt amy
i miss you