The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Countdown on.....

fa la la la la.................
(look at poor Santa's shell-shocked face! haha!)

Excitement has reached a fever pitch here at the Dinello ranch!

Christmas is only two days away-Hannah's birthday is one day away, we had a major snowstorm last weekend--and enjoyed lots of great sledding--and the oldest three enjoyed a fun trip to NYC with us last Friday to see the Rockettes in action!

We have had lots of fun--but I have to admit--this mama is pooped! I am pretty much ready for Christmas--but it always seems there is some last minute stuff to do! For me-tomorrow will include:

Christmas Program at the pre-school 10 am
Pick up Hannah, Joe, and Caroline at 11:30 from school--they have half day

go to lunch with kid's friends for a pre-Christmas celebration

get Joseph's haircut

get Great-Grandma a present--how many darn night gowns can I buy the poor woman??

pick up Hannah's birthday cake

pick up steaks for Christmas eve
get tights for the girls

take kids to "kids only" Christmas party at 7 pm for a night of Christmas movies

****and I thought I was organized............... it Christmas yet??

**And also I wanted to let everyone know that 3 HUGE boxes of clothes were mailed off to China--and they should be receiving them soon at Philip Hayden Foundation. Your generosity astounds me. The clothes were adorable-and it was so incredible that you all took the time to help! I am still waiting on news of surgery/no surgery for Taylor. However--I do continue to get updates on him--he is adjusting to life there-and I was sent a pic of him yesterday where he even had a hint of a smile! :-) Please continue to pray for him and the others that will be spending this Christmas without the loving arms of a parent around them.....
And here are some pics of our latest fun!

at lunch--at Jekyl and Hyde
my handsome boy!!

on the ferris wheel at Toys R Us

at the Christmas Spectacular!

the BIG tree and American Girl!

sledding FUN!!!!!


Annie said...

Cute, cute pics!!! Your house sounds as busy as mine!!! LOL!LOVE your tables turned post!!! Can I ask, Amy, when did Hope or has she yet, noticed her LD's? Lizzie has YET to say anything about her fingers or feet, even after 2 hand surgeries and another coming up in Jan. You can email me at I just don't know what to make of it and don't want to broach the topic until she does but feel like she HAS to notice the difference. Thanks so much, Amy!!

Wuxi Mommy said...

Isnt' the snow wonderful?? I can't believe it's only two days to Christmas, either!! I feel like I'm ready until I remember that list of small "last minute" things, too:) After the New Year we definately need to try to find a way to get together. Can you believe we'll be home almost a year already with our Maia??

Stacy said...

Beautiful. Beautiful. My goodness, Caroline loks like a model in those pictures. Maybe, I am just bias because she is Adyson's caucasian twin. Let's talk soon!

Stacy said...

If there are no pictures of Patches on this blog by the end of the day...someone will be very upset! I'm just sayin'.