The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Two Years..........

Two years ago today, a child was born. He was born in a remote village in Yunyang China. His parents were most likely quite poor. He was a big 8 pounds, 20 inches long--beautiful and healthy boy!

Was he celebrated? I like to think so. Was he cherished? I like to think so.
Tragedy struck somewhere in the next two days for he was found, on "the bed of a tattered coat" in December--frigid weather in a park. His foot and leg were severely burned.
I think there were no other options. There's no insurance in China--it's a cash up front policy in most cases. He was abandoned because that was his only chance. His only hope at living. His birth parents gave up there 2 day old healthy baby boy so that he had a chance at LIFE.

By the grace of God--I saw his picture--just three months after adopting Hope. He was just 9 months old with the face of an angel.

He was my son. He is also "their" son. And today--my Samuel's second birthday--I thank the Lord above for giving me this gift of a child. A child with a smile that lights up the room--and can make you smile from your head to your toes! A child that gives kisses and hugs and snuggles. A Child of promise.

Sam--one year ago-celebrating his first Birthday at the orphanage.

Happy Birthday my sweet Samuel. You are so precious to this family-and so very loved. We are so grateful for the opportunity to be your family. I hope that across the world--in Yunyang--that somehow your birth family can know that you are alive--that you have been adopted. That you are cherished beyond measure.

Sam today at 2 years old--at home....
Amy xoxoox


Daantje said...

Congrats sam!

I was there on your first birthdayparty..standing in my bed looking at your party and maybe tasted some of your great birthdaycake!
At the moment i am in the netherlands with my great parents and doing very well!
Bigg hug! Yang Fu Bei (Daisy fubei Yang Hilgers)
yoy can contact me at

Chris said...

I just started reading your blog(saw your poem on waiting child yahoo list) I was wondering about Sam's burns did he have treatment in China? Where did you take him for post burn treatment here in the states? We are in the process of adopting a 9 y.o. who was burned before age 2 and did not get treatment. I am gathering as much info as possible.
We live in PA

Anonymous said...

Ok Amy--first of all Sam's party so adorable--the christmas poem--cried the whole time---You have sold me on adopting but a little too late in life for me to do but I sure appreciate all you do--now spill your guts and tell us the news is there another pitter patter of feet coming to the Dinellos?? Love you your sis, kathy

Jeannine said...

Beautiful! What a gorgeous boy!