The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


ALL of the following children are considered special focus children that are listed with Homeland Adoption Services--the agency that we used for Hope! You would have 6 months to complete your paperwork for any of the beautiful kids---AND you can adopt two at once!

For more info on any of these sweeties you can contact :
For more information about a child, please call Pam Thomas at:
or Nancy Reffsin at 413-253-3592

Also if you have any questions on parenting a child with a limb difference---please do not hesitate in contacting me at:
I have the honor of parenting two sweeties with limb differences!

Xin Wen, F, DOB 4/28/05 Cleft-what a doll! I would love to see her smile!! Meng, F DOB 12/6/99 Hep B- such a pretty girl--I love her pose!

Jie Jie, M, DOB 7/19/03-HEALTHY!! Look at his sweet face!

Fei Fei, F, DOB 1/26/08, upper limb difference--awwww! She looks determined!! How cute!

Hui Bang, M, DOB 2/10/08, Limb Difference--Look at those sweet pouty lips! He needs a mama!!

Fu Fu,F, DOB 8/1/04, Limb Difference--such a sweetie! Hopefully an updated pic will surface!

Yan Yan, F, DOB: 9/29/99, No Medical Needs--she is healthy--and has waited FAR too long for her family!

Zhen,F,DOB:1/14/01 Normal-Recovered HBV==what a gorgeous smile she has!!

Jia, F, DOB: 3/1/02, Repired Cleft Lip/Palate- sweet girl--needs a reason to smile--a family of her own!

Zheng,M, 11/9/04, Repaired VSD--Ok is it me.....or does this adorable boy look a tad familiar?? I'll let you all comment so I know I'm not nuts! Wow!

M, DOB:5/25/02 Limb Difference--LOVE the suspenders! And look at his sweet and soft looking little face!

Zhao Li DOB 6/12/08 Cleft Lip/Palate
Baby boy, post surgery
OMG--look at how darn CUTE he is!! I just want to grab him for a snuggle!

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Chris and Sarah said...

Oh my! All those limb difference kiddos! Let me just say as a momma of a little boy from China with a limb difference it is almost silly to call it a special need because he can do wayyyy more than anyone else I know.

Someone bring those kiddos home!!!