The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter weekend fun!

Happy two days after Easter everyone! Here is a photo recap of our awesome holiday weekend! The kids had a blast largely in part to the awesome weather that we were blessed with! We spent Easter Saturday doing an egg hunt with our good friends, then Easter Sunday was brunch with Grandma and our other good friends--what a great weekend! We have so very much to be grateful for this Easter! Sammy is celebrating his first Easter with us--and he is healing! Thank God!
We love having all these kids to enjoy during this season--I know that I will be sad when they are all grown up--but I am betting that I will still be hiding their baskets! :-)

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Caroline finding her basket..

Then Hope..

and Charlie...

then Joseph...

and Hannah.....

and finally Sammy!

My very lame attempt at making a bunny out of cinnamon rolls! (Cake Boss..I am NOT!)

The only pic of the six of them--and Sam wouldn't turn his back to the bunny!!

Joe,Shaun,Charlie, and Brandon at brunch!handsome boys!!

Hannah looking all grown up!

Charlie all sugared up!

Sam, Hope and Ashley--their favorite person!! And our long time babysitter--she's like a daughter to us!

Sam loving his Ashley!


picture that Caroline made for me----my sweet dear girl!!

dying Easter eggs with the Shields!

waiting for the "hunt"

and they're off!

all the kids ready for fun!

Happy times!


Maggie S said...

Gorgeous fun.

Mommy said...

What a beautiful brood you have. Looks like you had an amazing Easter.