The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Monday, February 28, 2011

Met an angel today.....

Today we met the MOST amazing little girl!

I have read her mommy's blog for some time, and knew that this darling one was not feeling her after appointments with Hope and Sam at John's Hopkin's, her mommy allowed us to visit to bring Teresa some treats--and some for her big sisters!

If you don't know Teresa's story--please go to their family blog---and PLEASE pray for this sweet girl!

We also met darling Gemma---what a cutie pie!

What amazed me most, was that I was expecting a frail, dispirited little girl---which is the EXACT opposite of what we met today! Teresa is very sick inside her little heart--but her outside is glowing and happy and vibrant! She is joyful, and so very much a princess!
She NEEDS to get better--because this world needs more Teresas....
more people that look adversity in the face and laugh...
more people who don't feel sorry for their lot in life....
more people to live in the moment!!!
I tell you--this darling girl--in the short time I met her, captured my heart, and I will pray EVERY single day for a miracle to save her precious heart. Won't you come along with me?
Commit to a Teresa prayer chain? That is what she has right now--prayer and prayer alone. The doctors are saying that there's not much more they can do.
BUT she doesn't know that....and let me tell you....Teresa is NOT ready to give up. Pray that God leaves this beautiful angel right here for awhile!
If you want to post a prayer for Teresa in the comments section...we can start the chain right now! AND spread the word about this darling girl!!
Amy D.


Patty Ann said...

She is in my prayers and what an amazing story!

Jeff, Lori and kids said...

We will keep this little angel in our prayers...and God Bless you and your family as well!

Our Family said...

Hi Amy , we had such a nice time meeting you today also ! I was just getting ready to email you the pictures and found them on your blog . We are looking forward to getting together again ! All of your kids are beautiful !
Love you guys ! Ann

Jewels of My Heart said...

What a blessing you got to spend time with this precious little one who has a place in so many of our hearts!
Praying for His healing for her oh, so precious and loving heart!

Amy Rech said...

Teresa is such a beautiful little angel :) I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers and share her story with others. May God continue to bless this little ray of sunshine :)