The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Amazing Day!

At the end of July, we were so incredibly blessed to spend an amazing day with families that traveled with our agency with Hope. Many of them had children that were from the same orphanage as Hope, and some of the families we traveled with!

We also met new friends, and visited with old friends! All of us, sharing the common bond of having incredible children from China!

Many of you know Teresa! We are so fortunate to have become friends with her Mama--and were delighted that we got to share the day with her family!!

The thought that kept going thorugh my head, as I watched all of these kids running, laughing,

being silly and mischeivous.......

and relishing in the beauty of a day with new friends.....

was that every, single, one of these kids was adopted with a special need.

Some repaired, some not, some visible, some not...... thing I can assure you is this.....EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. was SPECIAL!

They truly NEEDED one thing.......

Mama's and Daddy's to love them......a FAMILY!

My how these children made my day!

Especially seeing best buddies made within minutes.....regardless of where they came from! The cuties above (My Charlie, and Elaine's Ren) had a discussion about where they came from...went something like this....

Ren: So Charlie, are you adopted from China too?

Charlie: No---I don't think so......but my sister and brother are...and I have a brother still there--he's waited for some papers so we can get him.

Ren: Oh cool!

Charlie: want to go shoot someone with the waterguns?

Ren: YEAH!!!

The beauty in seeing all these kids---some bio, some adopted, all amazing children...all LOVED and HAPPY.....made my heart swell!!

I can't wait to do it again!!!

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China Dreams said...

Wonderful post! Looks and sounds like a great time was had by everyone.