The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow,surgery,stress and Sam....

Sam is going for his second surgery long as the highway opens in the morning so that we can get there! Stress is high--as we are hoping that we can get there--and praying that we will be able to finish what he started--and get the skin grafts he needs. And--get the darn Vac that has been attached to his leg off--once and for all!
Please pray for us to get there--and get there safely!!!
The rest of the crew--is quite delighted with the snow--and had off today-and again tomorrow!!

There were lots off snow pants, boots, mittens,coats, and hats to be worn!

And one darling baby watching the big kids out the window!

Boy--I can't wait till he can run after them again!!

Just look at how deep it is!! 20 inches today--on top of the 20 inches that was already there!!

Finding out they have no school!!

Dad--venturing out!

This was Charlie in the snow a few days ago--BEFORE today's snow!

And Hope--who plowed through like nobody's business!

The crew (minus one) ready for action!

The Valentine's cake that the kids made--I will be in the hospital with Sam on V-day--so we celebrated early!

What I am trying to remember when I am feeling a bit "wound up"!!

Like Charlie and Sam sharing their cars.......

It's the little things that really matter.
I hope that I will remember that tomorrow--and the days thereafter as we navigate our way through the next (but last!!) surgery...and all the "fun" that should follow!
Hope you all are warm-and safe--and enjoying all the little things that make these days some of the best.....
Please pray for us tomorrow--and if you want an update--you can add your e-mail in the comments section-as I will not be able to do a blog post from the hospital. We will be there 3-5 nights this time. I am sending updates/pics from my I-phone if you are interested--just give me a shout-out with your e-mail and you'll get an update!


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, We are keeping you ALL in our thoughts and prayers! I know everything will go perfect for Sam. Nothing will get in the way of your determination.. not even 4 feet of snow!
Love to you and the whole crew...please keep us posted

Michelle said...

Sending lots of love, prayers, and good vibes your way tomorrow and in the days/weeks ahead. Looking forward to hearing he's out of surgery and on the mend!!

A Cup of Cold Water said...

amy, i will be praying again this time too. i know it's so hard! our little one will have his surgery next fri so i am right there with you! stress but trusting in teh Lord!
pfinn77@ hotmail. com

Ann Marie said...

Praying for stregth and peace for mommy, healing for Sam and wisdom for all the doctors and nurses today. Hugs, Ann Marie

Stacy said...

Sending a message to the universe to be good to Sam today, and the days that follow. Wishing you all peace during this turbulent time.
We love and miss you.

Chris said...

praying this goes smoothly. I really hope the snow was cleaned off those roads that you needed to travel.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
Waiting on news of how the last surgey went. Our prayers are with you.

Deb Goddeau

Wuxi Mommy said...

I'm so sorry I'm so late commenting! I really miss my computer now! I'm praying all has gone well with little Sam and he's well on his way to recovering. My kiddos are loving the snow, too!! I've spent most of the past two storms snowed in at the hospital working.....YUCK!