The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day--fantasy vs. reality

So you have all seen those commercials right? The one where Mom is in a fancy floral dress and is running in slow motion in the bright green lawn to hug her pristinely dressed child, who happens to be holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers for her? Or the one where Mom wakes up to a breakfast in bed--all carefully prepared by her loving children--with a rose in a vase to top it off--and steaming hot coffee?

Yeah--that right there's the problem.

We get our hopes up to a day that isn't realistic. Just to bring you all back to reality--I will recap my Mother's Day.

Get woken up by Caroline who is inches from my face screaming "MOM IT'S MOTHER'S DAY--WAAAAAKKKKE UUUUUP!!!"

Next comes the dog--pawing at my face, and licking my hands. (weird--I know)

Then in bounds Charlie and Joseph--and after Daddy reminds them to wish me a Happy day--they do..then climb in with the rest of us. In a matter of moments--chaos ensues.

"Mooooom--Joseph is kicking me!!!"

"Moooooom- he's stealing the covers!"

"Her breath smells funny!"

"I'm sooooo hungry!"

"What are we doing today??"

And so the day begins.

My wonderful hubby goes straight out to get me my favorite cup of Java. In the meantime--the endless bickering continues.

"Mom--open my card first!!"

"no MINE!"


To which I politely respond that I will open them all and I am sure they will all be wonderful! (inside my brain is jelly since my coffee has not arrived yet--and I am truly half asleep)

Open cards, homemade gifts (all adorable). Settle in on the couch to read the paper--with my coffee-thank God!

Upstairs Hannah is organizing a Mother's Day Show. (dear Lord!)

All I hear blasting down the stairs is Hannah yelling at everyone to cooperate and that if they don't they will be in a time out--or worse!

So consequently Sam, Charlie and Joseph are kicked out of the performance!

Next we look out the front window to see the three girls dressed up and coming up the walk. This should be good.

They are asking to see Amy Dinello (aka mom) for an important award to be presented by none other than Sarah Palin (aka Caroline in a pair of reading glasses and heels). We laugh so hard that we scare Sarah away and she retreats in tears because we are laughing at her! geesh--Sarah has to get a thicker skin!

(oh--and why Sarah Palin?? We have noooooo idea!!)

Anyhoo--I get a Mother of the year award--so fabulous.

Next is brunch.

My kids enjoy getting dressed up about as much as my dogs do--so getting ready in their "dorky" clothes was extra fun. We only had about three tantrums--not bad.

Brunch with Grandma was actually pretty good considering. However--if there is endless amounts of food involved--including a huge dessert table--and seconds (even thirds!) are encouraged--then usually my crew is pretty happy.

Next is naps for the babies and movies for the "bigs!"

I decided to treat the three older kids to a movie--and we saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Didn't think I would enjoy it--but I found myself laughing out loud several times--much more than my kids! Since the movies are in the mall--Hannah then just had to spend her Justice gift card right then. So naturally Caroline and Joseph were put out cause they weren't getting anything. Joseph almost took back the $2 he gave me in a card! hmmppf!

Then went home to have my fav--boneless hot wings and ice cream for dessert.

Several more fight ensued (my kids have really been fighting a lot lately!) and then bedtime. But not before Caroline was so sure she was going to be sick. And Joseph had a headache. And the dog threw up.

But--at the end of the day--I reflected on what the real meaning of Mother's Day is. It's not fancy presents--or "perfect" children. It's not about the Hallmark version of showering love over and over on Mom.

It's about the little things. The look of delight on your child's face when you make over the hand print made just for you. The tight hug and 'you are my favorite mommy' exclamation when you least expect it. The handmade cards, with thought out pictures of you on them. The goodnight snuggles where they ask you if you have had the BEST day ever--and you joyfully say "yes!-I could not have asked for a more perfect day."

And you mean it.

Because for all that it is worth--I would take my "imperfect" kids any day of the week. I love their spunkiness, creativity, and their warmth. They are perfect in their imperfection--and had they been model children all day, I am sure that I would have wondered what space aliens invaded our home and took my children!

Cause my kids are....well....KIDS!

And I love them JUST the way they are! Just like a mom should!

I hope that you all had a wonderful day yesterday and that you enjoy this journey of motherhood with all it's ups and downs as much as I do! For I think that we all know--being a Mom is not the easiest job in the world--but it surely is the best one!




Anonymous said...

So true Amy! Ok that was the most hilarious day ever! I laughed out loud at the Sarah Palin part.. they are such characters! I'm excited for the day when the hugs I receive don't come with a "love bite"- he is teething but also knows full well that he's not supposed to chomp my shoulders! Oh the joys of motherhood. Thanks for the smiles! Love you guys!
Lauren (your favorite niece ;) )

Heather said...

Oh my goodness .. laughed and laughed! Wouldn't it be nice to see a REAL Mother's day commercial, ha!