The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Sunday, December 26, 2010


This is a picture heavy post---so be prepared!!

Lots of wonderful things going on this holiday season......begining with taking the three oldest to NYC right before Christmas--as we do every year!

Here's some great pics, of Hannah, Caroline, Joseph, and The King of Pop!

(hahaha! Just kidding---that's not really Hannah--but I do believe MJ is alive and well and performing on the sidewalk outside of Toys R Us---and I will let you make your own jokes about that!! :-)

Hannah and Caroline on the Ferris Wheel...

The kids at the Lego store--Joseph's Mecca!!!

At Dylan's Candy Bar....

And brunch at The American Girl Place....

(Joe was a great sport and even let the girls pick him a baby boy to sit with! :-)

And the girls celebrated their upcoming birthdays!

And of course we visited the big tree!! And did a Horse and buggy through Central Park!

We also attended a wonderful performance by Hope and Charlie at their Pre-school, and saw Caroline (the cow) and Joseph (the shepard) do a smashing job in their nativity scene at school!

Christmas Eve began with Hannah's 12th Birthday!!

And tracking Santa on the computer--and do you know when I checked it randomly one time...Santa was in Chongqing China--Sam's birthplace??? And then the next time I checked he was on his way to Guangzhou--where we spend the second week in our adoptions---how crazy is that?

Then it was time to make Santa's cookies--our tradition every Christmas Eve Morning......Sam got really into it--haha!

Then it was time for church...I love everyone dressed up and looking gorgeous!! :-)

And then the big man himself took the time to visit us--and we had our neighbors and good friends over to share in the magic of the night!!

Caroline's face is priceless!!! (above left!)

And as is often the case when you have 10 kids together on Christmas Eve--excitement was high, and so where the sugar levels---so the kids decided Santa might be up for some wrestling.....

Let's just say---Santa put up a good fight....

But at the end of the day...Kids: 1 Santa: 0

None of this was captured on video--sadly--for I KNOW we might win the grand prize on America's Funniest Home Videos for this one!!

Kids got in their jammies, fed the reindeer, left Santa his cookies..and before you know it....

After the sugarplums danced in their heads....


And in one of the presents was born a MAJOR, FIERCE competitor--in Hope! She dons her bandana and schools everyone who tries to beat her in air hockey!

At the end of the holiday, we remain so grateful and blessed that we have so much in the love of our family. We always remember especially during this time, those that are without--and I would love if you are reading this, if you could take pause and say a prayer for those that are without in this season....
Happy Holidays---Happy New Year --may you all be having a wonderful time!!

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Annie said...

Amy, thank you so much for your very sweet comment on my blog! Your Hope is just beautiful as are all your kids! I think we have talked before, right around the time the girls were coming home! I would love to talk - anytime!!! You have a big, beautiful family and are truly blessed!