The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sammy's Big Day!

Happy Third Birthday Sam!

This past weekend, we celebrated the birth of our baby boy Sam!

We got him this cool ride on car--just his size! We thought it would be a big hit....
and it was---just not with Sam!! It "goes" when you press a button on the handle--and it makes a loud noise.
Well- that did it for Sam! He jumped right off and yelled "Bad Car!! night night car!" and he hasn't gone near it since!

At least Charlie and Hope love it! :-)

He had his favorite "Cars" cake...

and we celebrated with cousins and grandparents--it was a great day!

Sam is so very loved--and such an amazing addition to our family--we cannot imagine life without him!

He loves to eat and can be frequently found "raiding" the pantry!
He also is really talking now and will repeat the last few words of everything you say! For instance:

Me: Sam--do you want to go in the car?
Sam: In the car
Me: Sam--do you like Santa?
Sam: Like Santa!
So at times he sounds a bit caveman-ish--but oh so adorable! He tries really hard--and is so bright!

His Aunt remarked to me on his birthday--that his birth parents really missed out--because he is one amazing kid!

Above he sits with some of his cousins---he is incredibly loved--and we are VERY grateful that God gave us this amazing gift. He inspires me every single day. He is strong, courageous, and so amazingly generous with his loving spirit--he truly is an angel.

We certainly didn't deserve this beautiful boy---but we thank God every day for placing him in our hearts and home--even though his path before he got here was so painful.
We cherish him so--and will make sure that we try and make up for the love he missed for 17 months--but not ignore what he has been through.
He has climbed great mountains in his 3 years--between his burns, his life at the orphanage, and his surgeries.
Our prayer for him is that we can help the rest of his life to have more fun slides that help him coast--rather than constantly climb.
Although, sometimes I think the most incredible parts of life that shape us are the climbs themselves.
It certainly has made him an incredible 3 year old!
We love you Sammy--and are so proud to be your family!

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