The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Thursday, September 8, 2011

THIS JUST IN..........

Celebrating here today! We got our Letter of Approval from China to adopt Shawn! This is the biggest step in the process, and it means that in China's eyes, we are approved officially as his family! :-)

We now wait on our travel approval, which is broken up into several small steps that take about 8 weeks. We anticipate late November/early December travel! I am so excited that it looks like our sweet boy will be home for Christmas!! (unless we meet with a delay of some sort---praying for none!!)

I feel like now I can start organizing things for travel, and really getting things ready for Shawn! I get superstitious before this point to really do too much. I am just so excited---I cannot WAIT to wrap my arms around my darling boy!!

In my excitement, I sent Shawn another care package! I also will be mailing him a few things from us--through our care package lady--Ann, at Red Thread China--she's great!

The Autumn Moon festival is coming up in a few days, and the moon is incredibly important in the Chinese culture. I am sending Shawn and his buddies some Moon Cakes to celebrate--and some Lollipops, since I know he likes them! I am also sending more pics..with all his siblings English names, so hopefully he will be somewhat familiar with them! :-)

Funny thing is, when I uploaded a picture of Shawn to send--the label Sam was on the pic--without me realizing it. His name when he was listed at our agency was "Sam"-which is also the name of my youngest!
(ironic huh?)

Anyhoo--when Ann got my pics--she kept the Sam label on. By the time I realized it--the package had already been sent! So--the orphanage just might start calling him Sam! Yikes!

Hopefully she can e-mail them and tell them my mistake! Can't have two Sams in the house......haha!

Here's the pics of the kids....(and Shawn labeled as Sam!)

Here are the treats we sent--I hope he likes them!

I'm so excited to be at this point--but now I just want to go and get him home!! Can you all pray that the process goes smoothly--and quickly---from this point on?? Any delay could mean Christmas travel--and we would have to wait till after! ugh!!

Can you also keep people in PA in your prayers--we have had MASSIVE flooding, and even been off school for two days. It is heart wrenching to see all the damage done by water.

Thanks! And I hope you all have a great Friday!




Sharon Rowley {Momof6} said...

Oh Amy,
Congratulations to you and your whole clan! I am very happy that your LOA has arrived and I wish you a speedy TA!

Julie said...

I don't know you, you don't know me, I'm not even sure how/when I stumbled on your blog--but I feel prompted to tell you that I live in shenzhen (though I'm in Ca with family right now) and if you need anything while in the area getting your sweet son, don't hesitate to contact me.