The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm Baaaackkk!

Hello there! Tap tap tap anyone still following?? I hope so!

I am so excited to be back to regular blogging..and to share some exciting new things that I hope to have on the horizon for 2012!!

I am going to detail the plans for this year number since that's the easiest way to organize my brain! :-)

Firstly...if you followed our travel blog, I want to thank you! We are still adjusting beautifully to the new addition in our family....he is, in a word ..AWESOME! And he leads me to my first order of business in the new year...

1)getting the word out about orphans that wait that are over 3 years....dubbed "older" and "harder to place". I will be sharing on my blog once a week, profiles of children that are "older" that need homes, as I cannot share enough what an enormous blessing it has been for our family!
I will also looking or families that have adopted older children to share their stories with me so that I can feature them on my blog...
if you have a story to share...please email me @

2) Featuring a family recipe of the week. Every Monday I will share a recipe, and encourage you to share one in my comments section. I am ALL ears when it comes to getting recipes to feed this huge brood of mine, and my predictable recipes are getting quite stale....So PLEASE help this mama feed her family, and help other readers freshen up their pantry too!

3) Design a home...I will be doing a blog redo...and have a section on home decorating...on a budget! In my other life..before kids....I LOVED decorating, and still do...but need to reign in the expense of it, so I will share some of my finds, and tips for decorating on a budget..and will be showing pics of some of my treasures that haven't broken the bank. I am also looking for any blog readers pics too...again email your pics and a brief description to my email:

4)Lastly...and MOST IMPORTANTLY...I am embarking on very unfamiliar territory, but this has been on my heart for awhile....I am going to start my own non-profit. Details to follow....but the idea of it is to mobilize schools, churches, neighborhoods, into having the KIDS give to kids that are in need. I will be establishing a template that can be used in all of the above, to help children fundraise for orphans. I will be selecting a few non-profit organizations that the kids can choose from to help. My goal in this is to create empathy, understanding, and awareness in this next generation. I have been seeing in so many kids today (my own included!) that the "me, me, me, take, take, take, have, have, have" attitude is permeating their childhood...and the ignorance of what really being in need feels like escapes most kids.

I am hoping that by creating awareness, I can help children be more aware of their "brothers and sisters" around the world. Having that awareness, and the ability to make a tangible difference in others lives could be such an important life lesson for them.

Again...I am in the baby stage of this I will update as I get further along!

So stay tuned....2012 is sure to be another important year in our family...we are so excited to have you join us!!


Chris said...

Welcome back! Sounds like your blog will be a go-to place just shortly...bring on the recipes and the non-profit sounds interesting too.
I should probably get you our story too...gotta make the shortened form.

Steve and family from 'down under' said...

Dear Dinello family. Congratulations and thank you for sharing. We have emailed you, have much in common and really do hope to get in touch.