The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Birthdays, bathrooms, and Bahamas!

Read the words first to understand the pics--I am on my daughter's computer and it is not letting me move my pics!! (sorry!)

sweet Charlie.....

Charlie's turn!
popsicles instead of cake....

spa day makes it all better

A Healthy Caroline

poor caroline
Sorry for the lack of posts--my computer is getting fixed--so I am borrowing my daughter's mouse-sized computer!

SO today I am going to highlight my 3rd and 5th children. See yesterday was Caroline's 6th birthday,and today is Charlie's 4th birthday!

(the above pic gives you an idea of how "happy" Caroline's b-day was!!

We make a big deal out of B-days here at our house--and this weekend was set to be a fun one! Charlie was having his buddies over from school on Friday for cake and pizza, and Caroline was having a party at Color Me Mine (a pottery place) on Saturday morning.

That is until...the stomach flu reared it's ugly head! Thursday night Charlie started. His party had to be cancelled--changed to Monday. Thought we would make it to Saturday morning with no other victims--because as of 9 PM Friday--all was well! I was decorating the kitchen for Caroline--when all the sudden, I started feeling less than perfect---and by 10 PM--it was the start of an all night bathroom party for me--ugh!! I was so sad--but thought that at least Darrin could man the party in the morning.

2AM--Joseph gets sick all over his bed.

3AM-Caroline got sick all over her bed.


Poor Darrin was like a ping pong ball going from room to bathroom, to laundry room all night. In the midst of my sickness, I did feel pretty bad for him! He totally rocked as the hubby/daddy of the night!

So Saturday was a recovery day--with long naps had by all-and today we are celebrating Charlie's day--having cake later-and playing with his new racetrack. All is well--that is until the next three drop.....(please no!!)

I also want to mention a few words about my little sickly birthday angels...

First Caroline:
my baby that came into the world 3 weeks early--and had 2 nights in the NICU for high blood sugar. Scared the heck out of me! She was honestly the most strikingly beautiful newborn. Perfect in every way--long fingers, big blue eyes..perfect rose bud lips--the face of an angel!

However..Caroline was my roughest newborn--she had acid reflux, trouble nursing, an umbilical hernia, and a case of RSV in her first month!!

Thankfully--she is now the easiest, most delicious, charming, shy little person! She is soft in personality, and is fine spending time alone coloring, or doing a puzzle. She is very bright--and practices reading every day, and is always trying to figure things out. Sometimes I think that she would do beautifully in a home with maybe one other child--poor kid!! :-)
When the rest of the gang is loud and noisy--she can go off and find a quiet corner. However--the most wonderful giggles escape her lips when she is with her siblings. She has an incredibly kind heart--and cares for her family so much. She is a blessing--and she is now a big 6 year old!!

Charlie is now 4 years old!

This baby came into the world at a big 9 lbs--and he is still quite the big boy! He was an easy, delightful, newborn. Slept, ate, giggled-just wonderful! He is now the funniest child!

Without even trying-he can say something or throw a look that has us laughing out loud! He makes friends with everyone--and upon arrival at pre-school every morning,his buddies scream "CHARLIE!!" and give him big hugs! Charlie seems to be sort of the mascot of the older kids we know too--they all love Charlie and wait to hear what funny thing he will say and do!

He also is such a love. He is a Mama's boy--who is often snuggling by my side. He told me yesterday that he wants to marry me.
Oh boy--I love that kid!!
Happy 4th Birthday--my funny, sweet little Charlie!!

And lastly--my hubby and I are taking a brief respite--and going to the Bahamas this week for a few days!! Lucky lucky us!! I am a bit panicked--as I don't relish the thought of leaving the little ones--but do believe that we need "us" time in the midst of raising these great kids!!

When we return-we will be getting ready for Sam's surgery. That is on the 28th. I will do a post on that all by itself--it sure deserves it!

And very lastly....(but not least!)

I will be doing a post soon about Taylor--the little boy that we all helped that is staying at Philip Hayden Foundation. I have gotten some updated picks--and am still waiting to hear about surgery for him. It sounds like they are going to try and do it in China--before his family gets there. When this is confirmed-- I will be starting some fundraising! Say a prayer for his little self!

If you made it to the end of this LONG post--bless you!! I hope that you have a wonderful Sunday!!



Pam said...

Hi Amy !
Had to check in and let you know how truly moved and inspired I have been while reading your blog.

I went to Catholic with you and Darrin and have stumbled upon your blog while connecting with fellow CUA folks over facebook. Thank you for sharing the lessons learned while journeying through the life you two have created. I am so moved and so inspired. Its a blessing to witness such love !
Keep doing what you're doing and sharing it with the rest of us !
Take care ! Pam Lieber

Chris said...

Oh what a yucky weekend!
Daddy needs a medal. Not all daddies will help out like that. Hope he washed his hands good afterward :^(

Looking forward to the info about Taylor

Anonymous said...

Sorry it's been so long. The school year is killin' me and we were away this wekend (Great Wolf Lodge for Brie's birthday). Call me and Happy Birthday to Charlie and Sweet Caroline. We miss you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear. That was me, Stacy.