The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Surgery One Complete!

So sorry for the lack of an update! I could not get my computer to work in the hospital room--and a certain someone would not let me leave for more than a nano-second--so I could not get to the hospital library to update on their computer! So here it is....

pre-surgery fun!paging Dr. Sam.....Surgery went well. He did have to get 2 pins in his foot--and two tendons lengthened. He also had artificial skin (integra) on top of where he had his scars released on his foot and hip. The Doctors were pleased--and the orthopedic Dr. said that his foot is perfectly flat to the ground! Yes!

He did have ALOT of pain however. We had a heck of a time getting it under control. He was screaming on and off for about 12 hours after surgery. I cried with him most of the time! He was given morphine-then a larger dose of morphine- then a bulbous to top off that larger dose--then finally--Valium. He FINALLY slept after all of this. Poor, sweet baby!

He is home now--cuddling next to me on the couch-and slept in his crib beautifully last night! He woke once for pain meds--but that's it! The stinky thing-is that he came home with a thing called a wound VAC. Basically--it is two tubes--once coming from his hip-one from his foot. They are in a sponge that was placed on top of his artificial skin. It drains all of the liquid (ie-blood and guck!) away from the sight and into a machine. This helps to provide a better seal for the skin graft-so that it will adhere properly. It prohibits him from moving very far--and frankly makes it a bit difficult to get around much. We will go back on Wednesday to have his dressings changed. Then it is surgery #2 on Feb. 11th. Ugh!@

the VAC

poor baby...

That surgery will be taking his actual skin (probably from his tiny hiney) and covering the artificial skin. He will stay in the hospital for 3-5 days that time due to the high risk of rejection of the skin. We have to be very careful to make sure that he is as still as possible for a good week after. That should be really easy! (not!)

BUT--he should most likely go home without the Vac. Which will be much more pleasant! Then-he'll be wrapped up for a couple of weeks-then we should be done for awhile. The ortho Doc will check his foot out then--and see if he needs a brace-which he probably will for a bit.

Long term--it's a wait and see. If his toes/foot grows--we are all good. If not--we could be looking at bone grafts--and/or lengthening surgery. All of this sounds barbaric to me. It is years down the road--so I am choosing to ignore it for now, and take one step at a time!

I have to say--that every day that goes by, Sam amazes me more. He is strong, and spirited, and has a capacity to love that would astound you! Even after I handed him over to the Doctors=and he woke up in incredible pain, he still reached for me. He was still comforted by his mom and dad. He still lifted his little leg up and cried "mama" hoping that I would be the one to make it all better for him. He trusts us-he loves us--and we love him so much, it could make our hearts burst!

I ask for continued prayers and good thoughts-as the battle is only half over. But we feel all of your love-and we are so grateful!!

As a side note--if any one is looking for an AMAZING plastic and reconstructive surgeon--Dr. Richard Redett at John's Hopkins is TOP NOTCH! Amazing Dr.-Amazing man. He does mission trips often throughout the world to perform surgeries on children in 3rd world countries. He just did a surgery in Nepal in November on a little boy that had the same injuries as Sam. He is really awesome!

And for orthopedic work-Dr. Arabella Leet is the BOMB! She is calm, soothing, and confident. I love her! She is also a mom--AND she has a disability herself-which is such a hopeful-incredible connection to make!

So-off to care for my favorite little patient--and the other 5 too! Will update more as I can!




Mommy said...

Bless his heart. He's a trooper! Continued prayers for sweet little Sam. Hugs from TN!

Cindy said...

Wow!!!!!! Sam is one amazing little guy!!!!! I only wished I looked 1/2 as adorable as he does when I am not feeling good. It seems no matter what he goes through he still looks absolutely adorable! Go Sam!

Jeannine said...

So happy to hear he is doing well. What a brave little soul! (And brave mama too.) Sending healing thoughts.

China Angel Awaits said...

I'am certainly praying for your brave (and precious) little warrior and for your whole family! Good luck and God bless. Lori

Ashley Weber said...

Poor Sam:( those pictures are adorable and make me want to cry at the same time! I cannot wait to see him and all of you! I hope he gets better fast! Lovee youu allllll!

lovee ashley<3333

Wuxi Mommy said...

Praise God!! Sam looks like he's doing incredibly well, considering all that he's going through. Poor baby to have that vac, though! It amazes me how our children still love and trust us, even when we're the ones who hand them to the doctors. Maia has been the same way for all of her yucky tests! Praying for a full and speedy recovery!

Chris said...

Been praying for you guys...glad you still like those docs...does not make me look forward to surgery, but the alternative would not be acceptable
keep us posted

Flamingo Mama said...

i'm so excited to see how well he is doing! he is just adorable.

did i notice before that you have the same blog design as mine? too funny!! obviously i like yours!

Anonymous said...

Amazing.... We are so happy for Sam and that everything is going along so great. We will continue with our prayers. Thanks so much for the updates. We hope that we will meet some day soon. Mia knows Sam and Hope by name just from seeing them on the blog.
From Deb and Mia Goddeau