The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Surgery Tommorow....

Hi all! I am back in computer land-after a nasty virus hit my laptop! yuk!

We are all nerves here tonight as we are preparing for Sam to have his first surgery tomorrow. For those who do not know--Sam was abandoned at 2 days old with a severe burn on his right hip and foot. He is now 2 years old--and has not yet been treated for the burn. The result is that he has severe scar contractures. This is causing his foot to be twisted, and causes him to walk on the inside of his foot. Tomorrow--he will have the contractures released on his hip and foot--he will have artificial skin grafting done, and have an orthopedic surgeon step in and determine if he also will need tendon release on his foot--and possibly pins-so that it will turn straight.

He will then have a second surgery on Feb. 11th to take actual skin from his groin and place it on top of the artificial skin.

Now--that's the technical side of it. Now for the emotional side.
I am a nervous, blubbering wreck about it all. I KNOW it needs to be done. I KNOW it will improve his quality of life. I KNOW all of this. Yet--my heart is broken that he will go through all this pain...again. He has endured so much. He is so incredibly brave and has such a strong spirit. It is I that is weak!

I just wish that I could do this for him. He is so happy--and has come so far. He was a weak, undernourished baby that could not eat a cheerio last June. He is now a healthy, thriving, happy, silly 2 year old. He is also always smiling. Always.

It hurts me to have to have him hurt.

Please--as you lay your head down tonight..and again as you wake in the morning...think of my sweet Samuel. If you pray...please send a prayer up for him. I am praying that angels surround him and that God will guide the surgeons hands. That what was done..can be fixed. That he will not be in pain. That his foot will serve him well...

please. That his three nights in the hospital will not scare him. That the nurses don't object to me crawling in the hospital crib with him! LOL
He is my angel--and I love him so. Please send prayer and good thought our way...

I will be updating my blog as the morning goes on.

He goes in tomorrow at 8:45 AM.


and Good Night!

amy xoxoox


Love for Lilly Yin said...

Praying for your little angel! Big prayers for you.

Anonymous said...

The Goddeau Family is praying for Sam and we will watch for your updates of good news. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Chris said...

prayers from the Weaver's, I pray God guides the hands of the surgeons and that things go more smoothly than expected.
Are they doing skin expansion of some sort to have skin for harvesting for the graft? (Makes my skin shiver thinking of that)
BTW I did e-mail the pediatric surgeon and she of course could not give details, but sort of gave me general info that we already suspected.


Shay Ankerich said...

I am a praying mom and have a sweet daughter from Chongqing home 4 years in March. I will be praying for your precious Samuel tomorrow morning and for you too! God will be holding you both so tight!!!

Maia said...

The best of luck to your sweet boy and to you, too, Mama, as you go through this! I know how tender and painful this sort of thing is. It just breaks your heart to think he has to go through any kind of pain again. I'll definitely be thinking of you both and sending love and good thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I will definately be praying for you. 2 of my children had to have repair of cleft lip and/or palate, and relenquishing them at the door of the O.R. is hard, but God will give you the strength you need at that time. The medical team will keep him well medicated, and you will all get through it. Best of wishes, Diane

Anonymous said...

Oh Amy, i know how you feel and just know we are praying for sam and that he is in good hands, meaning the Lord's hands and the dr's. I think you are Hopkins or Kennedy Kreiger, right? He is so young, his pain will be forgotten but you are giving him a chance to have full use of his leg and foot for his lifetime. You are each other's angels.
Nicole Karnash

Judy & Brian said...

Sending lots and lots of prayers your way. Be strong, Amy. Before you know it, this will all be over! Love and Hugs, Judy & Brian

Heather said...


Standing in the gap for your sweet boy and for you. I KNOW well the worries - praying His hand is upon you and comforts your heart and also gives you a refreshed spirit as you help your sweet boy through the next several days. I will be anxious to hear an update.

Stefanie said...

What a precious little guy! I know how hard it is to trust a doctor with our babies!!
Praying for Samuel!

Stacy said...

I'm all teary just thinking about it. Miss you, love you, love your little man and know it will take lots of strength and bravery to get you all through this.

Chris said...

Hey how are you all doing? Been praying off and on all day.

Cynthia Russo said...

Hugs, kisses, hugs , kisses, happy thoughts and pain free vibes being sent
cyn and family