The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Monday, January 18, 2010


The Helpless... The Hurting......
The people of Haiti....

In the spirit of continuing to try and help the children of the world who need it the most--please, please consider helping in any way that you can to support the children of Haiti. Below is a list of organizations that are reputable. This info was obtained from the website.

Please,help in any way that you can. They are desperate, broken, hungry, sick.....and scared. And they are children, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters--just like all of us.

If you would like to donate, please contact one of the following organizations or orphanages working with children in the orphanages of Haiti:
Carolina Adoption Services: Working with Maison des Anges in Tabarre. CAS reports that they have 90 children, with the majority under the age of 2 years. Thankfully, all of the children are unhurt. The orphanage has sustained some structural damage, but the extent of damage is not yet clear. CAS is concerned about basic supplies of food and water for the children.
Children's House International: Working with Creche Enfante Jesus. CHI reports little damage at the orphanage and no injuries to children. Major damaged to their office/receiving center in Port-au-Prince, but no one was injured. Greatest Need: Food and Water. They are recommending that all donations go through Chances for Children, to help the orphanages most in need.
Tree of Life Adoption Center: Working with HIS Home for Children in Port-au-Prince and Foyer de Sara. TOLA reports that all children are okay and, "The boys' house is damaged, one wall fell down. The children and staff are sleeping outside, afraid that the aftershock will crumble the house. Today they were planning to move the furniture out of that house and find another place to move them. There's about 100 (over) kids in the two location s for HIS Home". They are asking for prayers for their generator that is not in good condition, and that they are able to gather enough food and water to hold them over during this crisis.
Bethany Christian Services: Working with God's Littlest Angels orphanage and The Creche Enfants Jesus. Bethany reports that God's Littlest Angels received no damage or injuires, and little structural damage at The Creche. They also report that both orphanages are willing to take in more children as needed. They ask for prayers. Please designate gifts as "Haiti - Earthquake Fund".
Holt International: Working with Holt Fontana Village. Holt reports that the buildings received little damage, but that the children are in great distress. Holt is asking for financial assistance for the children and will also be offering assistance to the community.
Dillon International: Children are all fine, but disrupted. Many people are moving through the area where the orphanage and hospital are located, which is scaring the children. Some flooding within one building has occured. Greatest need: Gasoline for the generators and ongoing food/water supplies.
God's Littlest Angels: An orphanage in Haiti. All children fine, but 90 children sleeping outdoors as building damage is assessed. Children are upset and caretakers doing their best to gather supplies to provide for all needs.
Foyer de Sion - This is an orphanage with approximately 225 children in their care in the Port-au-Prince area. They are reporting today that all children are accounted for. One of the three locations was destroyed, but again, all children are safe. They are currently working to bring the children from the destroyed location to one of the other two standing, one in Fontamara and the other in Petionville. The Leogone location was destroyed. We still do not know if they have necessary supplies (food/water) and adequate medical care. Please consider donating to their earthquake fund.
Le Foyer des Filles de Dieu: Home to about 70 girls, located in Port-au-Prince. Confirmed that three girls age 18 have died in the earthquake. These girls were not residents, as reported by many news organizations. One was the daughter of a staff member, and the other two were her friends. The orphanage has sustained damage and the children are in great need of clean water and food. We are unable to find a confirmed donation website for this charity...there appear to be more than one orphanage with this name.
Maison des Enfants de Dieu, in Port-au-Prince: We have received news that on the evening of the 17th, 30 UN soldiers have reached the orphanage with medical care for the babies. The Red Cross has delivered needed aid. This orphanage is actively working to unite the children who are cleared for adoption with their families in the US.
BRESMA: 150 orphans in Port-au-Prince. You may have seen the 2 American sisters on CNN who run this orphanage. Today's report is that 5 orphans have traveled to the US (see news below). The situatio is dire. Although some aid has reached the compound, the haitian community is now camping out near the gates of the orphanage, ready to take any further aid for themselves. Their greatest need is security to guard the children and so that food and clean water may reach them.