The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Monday, March 8, 2010

help you!!!

Told ya I would have ways to help--and here I am!

Help ME figure out how YOU can help THEM!!!

There are so many way to help our fellow brothers and sisters on this planet. As I reminded you back on this post--it is all about finding your passion and channeling it into a way to make a difference for someone--or something.

I am choosing to highlight ways to help children--since that IS my passion--but explore the opportunities to expand your horizons. Going GREEN--save the Earth, helping animals for the Humane Society, feeding the homeless, helping to educate the poor, planting flowers in your neighbors yard.....

the list could really go on. But in order for you to succeed--it must be something that you truly feel called to do. Rarely does something succeed if it's just a whim. Feel excitement about making that difference!!

As far as child advocacy goes--here are some ideas for you.....

If your passion is adoption advocacy consider starting an Adoption ministry at your church. It would be easy really. Just contact others that have adopted-or are thinking of adopting to meet once a month and discuss adoption issues, needs, fundraisers etc.. Then your group could motivate the whole church community in doing some fundraising or child sponsorships.

Do a fundraiser through your school to benefit the charity you wish. Do a school baby shower with each grade bringing in different items. 1st grade diapers, 2nd grade onsies, 3rd grade socks..etc

then mail them to the charity of your choice.

Also Dollar dress down days for schools with uniforms are also an easy fundraiser. Each student donates a dollar to have the privilege of dressing down. All money goes to the charity of your choice!

Also--consider a mission trip. I know I am! The Starfish Group Home, Philip Hayden, Hannah's Hope are all places that welcome volunteers to help care for the babies. For long or short trips. There are several organizations that you can go through--also to Africa, Guatemala, Mexico......there is just so much need--and so many to whom we could give.

I would love to ask all of you a favor too--can you leave a message that highlights your favorite ways to make a difference? Either link a website or give an idea and I will highlight them in a future post!!

Now---here are some places to go that will give direction on child sponsorships. Click on the link and it will take you to their sponsorship site. Please consider making a huge difference to one of these dear children. It is so important that they get the care that they so desperately need--and they cannot do it without the generosity of caring people like yourselves!!

All God's Children

Smile Train

(Philip Hayden Foundation)

(a blogger mom that I follow that is in Kenya right NOW! Look to her sight for perspective and sponsorship opportunities of the beautiful children there!)

I hope that I have inspired some of you to be motivated to help any of these organizations--or any others for that matter!

Please leave some ideas of your own as well! I can't wait to read!!

Many blessings to all of you!!



Chris said...

I know I have ideas, but my brain just quit on me...get back to you :^)

AwesomeCloud and family said...

I'm a fan of MA Audubon Society. They have programs for adults and children that let you save the birds in small but direct ways. It's instant gratification for budding young environmentalists. Most environmental programs make you feel like the starfish story - you try and try but you can't seem to make a dent in the problem.

Can you tell me more about the opportunities you mentioned to go to China and volunteer? I did a quick websearch but couldn't find any reference to Philip Hayden et al inviting American families to volunteer.

Amy D. said...

Hi Mama to Awesome Cloud!!

Here is some contact info about volunteering!
(e-mail contact for Philip Hayden)
(e-mail contact for Amanda at Starfish)

I would just shoot them an e-mail and they will tell you how to apply!

Below is another organization-run by Americans that fosters needy kids--Here is the website--just click on "visit us" and it will tell you how to apply to volunteer!

Hope that helps! Love your contribution!!


Madeline said...

My favorite is

Heartworks is a non-profit acts of kindness group started by my dear friend and office partner, Megan McDowell. Through Heartworks, we identify needs in the community and help in many creative ways. The emphasis is on the circle of giving and receiving, gratitude and being in touch with God in a way that is meaningful in the world. Amy, I always think of you starting a Heartworks chapter in Harrisburg.... lots of love!