The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Long post....

I know I have been a bad blogger--and I have major guilt about it--because I swore to myself that there was so much that I was planning on doing using this blog!!

Sam's surgery/recovery has definitely taken alot of my time. And then I had my amazing sisters here (from Oregon and St. Louis respectively!) helping me in between and after surgeries. And let me tell you--when there is any sister of mine here--all down time involves lots of catching up and touching on every subject imaginable! (what are sisters for!?)

I have a major blog post that I am working on that will help direct any of you that feels called to do something more this year to help those in need. I had many inquiries about people wanting to do more--but not knowing where to start--so my next post will give you several ideas/ways that you can help the orphans in China, and in other areas of the world.

In the meantime--I will do a post in pics of updates on my crew! We have had Sam recovering beautifully--and trying to master walking with his splint on! More and more and more snow days. Hannah getting her braces off!! yay! And a belated Chinese New Year celebration! So here you are....a few weeks in pics....

man on a mission!!

Snow day!!!

Beautiful and brace free!

silly girl!

Till next time....

Amy xoxoox


Flamingo Mama said...

blogging is ALWAYS harder than it least consistent bloggin. don't beat yourself up, you've a ton going on!

he is just adorable and i'm so glad he's done the yuckiest stuff!

Chris said...

I was beginning to get worried, glad it was good stuff keeping you from blogging. Our paper work is going to the agency in the AM so we are almost DTC. Hang on Liang we are coming!