The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Snapshot Sunday!! Joseph....

Today I am going to participate again in snapshot Sunday! I think that it is a great idea--since I feel that so often I talk about ALL of my kiddies--not just the ones that have particular stuff going on at the moment!

Today-my second born son~ Joseph Donald Dinello~

Ironically, Joseph's story begins with Darrin and I desperately trying to get pregnant. After we had Hannah- who was a surprise (a wonderful surprise!)- it seemed that it would be easy. When we were ready- we would just go ahead and have another baby.......

Yeah- not so much!

So we turned to lots of prayer--and then lots of fertility stuff- and finally after two years of trying- I found out that I was pregnant on December 20th 2001. This date was so significant to me- because it was the day that my Dad had passed in 1989- so I felt like he was sending me a personal gift!

My due date was September 2nd- but Joseph had other plans! He had grown soooo big. Most assumed that my due dates were off because of how big I was. But since I knew the exact day he was conceived-I knew he was just BIG!

Told ya I was BIG!!!

He decided to make his appearance on August 14th, 2002- almost 3 weeks early-at a whopping 8 pounds 7 ounces! He was perfect, chubby, healthy-and our first adored son! He was an incredibly easy baby--rarely cried-eat, slept...giggled....

and was bossed very early by his big sis!

Joseph continues to be an incredibly easy boy. He is ALL boy--and loves spending time with his daddy watching and going to Redskins games, watching Pitt Basketball, playing baseball, wrestling and basketball- and swimming in the summer.

He is VERY big for his age--and might seem like he would be tough. And he is. To a certain extent. This darling 7 year old also has the biggest heart. He is kind to his friends, his teachers, and most of the time his siblings. He is incredibly sensitive- and hates if he thinks that anyone is mad at him. He rarely gets in trouble--he is just a kind, adorable, cherished, son.

I am so proud of him. In the way that he treats Sam especially. He will sit and rub his head while I change his bandages. He always is giving him big hugs and kisses- and always makes a big deal of saying that people that have differences are the same as anybody. He is incredibly defensive of his brothers and sisters.

And is most certainly a Daddy's boy--but can still be found curling his long legs up in Mommy's lap for a snuggle.

He is our long awaited, much adored, incredibly loved son!!

till next time...

Amy xoxo


Chris said...

Handsome boy! Big brothers are wonderful.

shelley said...

cute cute cute

Wanda said...

I loved these pictures of you sweet boy!

Stefanie said...

What a darling little guy!
Joseph sounds like an incredible blessing!
P.S. Yes, you WERE big... but you look like ALL baby :)

Wuxi Mommy said...

Your Joseph reminds me so much of our Peanut! Our boys were only 2 ounces apart in size, both born in the summertime, both with easygoing personalities and huge hearts! We really should try together again soon. I miss you and would love to see Hope and meet Sam!