The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Confessions of a Kitchen Challenged Mom.........

I am hosting Thanksgiving this year--and lots of family will be in attendance. Lots of family--like Grandma--who actually CAN cook. I can do the basics--turkey is not so hard--stuffing--a little harder, but do-able. It is the idea that everything has to be and taste perfect that I have the problem with.

In our house--a perfect meal is all relative. A perfect meal to me--means something entirely different to others. Here are some confessions of my more "memorable" favorite meals:

1) Breakfast for dinner--it's a free for all--cereal, eggs, pancakes--it's nuts!

2) Peanut butter and nutella on wheat bread--with a side of grapes--(always great in a hurry!)

3) Spaghetti--with jar sauce and frozen (costco) meatballs--a family fav!

4) Pigs in a blanket--aka--hot dogs in a crescent roll. Kids think I am a GENIUS when we make this!

5) Grilled cheese and tomato soup--nothing better in cold weather!

6) Mac n cheese--Kraft style

7) "homemade" chicken noodle soup via Costco (this is actually really good!)

8) Shake n Bake chicken/pork with a side of Stove Top--(my personal fav)

9) Chinese food--ala Chef Wongs delivery

10) and the oldie but goodie--Chef Boy R Dee---Ravioli, spaghettio's--and when we go REALLY nuts we get the Princess or Spongebob shaped Spaghettios!!

So now I know you are asking yourself--where are the veggies--I actually do include some sort of veggie at EVERY meal--it's just getting them to consume it that's tricky!!

I know you would just LOVE to attend my Thanksgiving dinner in light of reading the above--but in my humble opinion--Thanksgiving is really about the PEOPLE--not the food anyway. (I have a feeling that a big dollop of lumpy mashed potatoes might be thrown at my head for that comment!!)

What's your dirty dinner secret??

And remember--dollar a comment continues!!! Just go HERE to leave a comment of what you are thankful for and I will donate a dollar in your honor to the Starfish Foster home!!

till next time......

Amy xoxoxoox

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China Angel Awaits said...

Oh man-is there anything better than heat and eat food-like the Costco chicken noodle soup?? Sometimes when hubby is working and it's just me I have PB&J for dinner and ice cream for dessert!! A really simple, quick and yummy idea for pork chops is to add bbq sauce and brown sugar to each and throw in the oven-even kids seem to like it!! Blessings Lori