The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Friday, November 20, 2009

Why oh Why??

Having a three and a four year old in the house can be entertaining and maddening and spectacular--all within a five minute timespan. One of the things that has gotten me as of late--is both of their incessant need to ask "Why" about every single thing. This is good--their little brains are expanding, they are learning, curious little beings. However--it can be exhausting answering all of their curiosities--especially when they ask every 5 minutes.

For example--we had a rare November thunder and lightening storm last night--and my conversation with Charlie (3) went a little like this:

Charlie: "Mom why is it wightening out?"

me: "Well--(because I am NO meteorologist) because lightening usually follows thunder."

Charlie: "What IS wightening?"

me: "It is like a shock from the sky."

Charlie: "What's a shock?"

me: "--like something that is hot" ( I know--pathetic..)

Charlie: "wike a burn?"

me: "sort of...."

Charlie: "did Sam getted hit by the wightning?"

me: (ugh!) "no sweetheart--probably he got burned by something else--"

Charlie: "I fink (think) Sam got hittted by the wightening 'cause then it was wike God was givin' him a big kiss!"

me: "Charlie--I think you are very,very smart...."

SO sometimes--the "why" conversations can lead to incredibly sweet observations........I guess that they are not that maddening after all....

till next time....

Amy xoxoxo

*****Thank you for the continued response to the "thankful" post--if you haven't already--heck--even if you have--go on over to my post entitled "THANKFUL" (scroll down the left column to find it) and leave a comment of thankfulness and I will donate a dollar in your honor to the Starfish Foster Home. What are you waiting up!!!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all you have done for those children!

Ann Marie said...

Sounds like my house. :)

Ann Marie

Fatcat said...

Were your kids adopted from the starfish home?

Amy D. said...

No--my kids were from Nanjing and Chongqing provinces--but I admire Amanda so much--and have followed her work! The starfish story is also one of my absolute favorites and has inspired me to do what little I can--even if it helps only a small portion of kids in need. At "least" it makes a differece to them.
Thanks for visiting!!

Amy D.