The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Snapshot--Hannah Joan

Hi there! I am joining some fun from another blog I like to read where I do a "Snapshot Sunday" and every Sunday I feature a new member of my family! Since most of you wouldn't know my family if you tripped over us--this will be a neat way for you to see a little bit about each of the 8 personalities that occupy this home!

So today---I am proud to feature my first born--my Hannah Joan!

Hannah is special in more ways than you can imagine--and it started on the very day of her birth--Christmas Eve 1998. You see, my mom passed away from lung cancer when I was just 9 years old--so finding out that I was pregnant was such a gift. I was going to be able to be a mom to a someone--rather than the one that was always without a mom. I found out my due date was December 27th--and my family-(all 6 of my older brothers and sisters) all said that it would be soooo neat if my baby was born on Christmas Eve--my mom's birthday. Sure enough--I went into labor--feeling my first labor pain at 12:01 am--Christmas Eve morning. Hannah Joan was born that afternoon--a big beautiful baby. I am 100% certain that she was a direct gift from my mother. When I am missing my mom, on every Christmas eve--I am reminded every year of her incredible gift to me--my sweet Hannah.

From that day--she has enriched my life so much. To describe her in one word it would be HAPPY. Always with a smile that crinkles up her eyes--always making others laugh. She is silly, outgoing, smart, and so, so funny. She talks to adults as easy as she talks to kids. She often will answer the phone when my sisters or friends call and be on the phone for a awhile before I even realize that the phone is for me!

Hannah has always been a champion of the underdog--feeling so deeply for anyone in need. She cries at commercials, at movies--anywhere where someone or something is being hurt. She made such an impact in China, on our adoption trip for Hope. Hope was distraught when she met us--and Hannah was the only one that could calm her down. She also played with every other child in our group--forming a very special bond with beautiful Brie. Brie's momma and I are very
close to this day--and I like to think that our Hannah made a difference in Brie's life.

Hannah now says that she wants adopt herself one day--and looks forward to the two of us doing a mission trip to work in an orphanage--hopefully next year.

Hannah is now reaching the pre-teen years, and we find ourselves seeing "glimpses" of teen behavior--rolling of the eyes--stomping feet. I dread any change in our dear girl--but expect it. I just hope and pray for it to be short--and for all of us to survive it! I just know that Hannah will turn into an incredible adult one day--despite any teen behavior.:-0

She is my daughter, my friend, my confidant--and my very, very special gift. I cannot wait to see what she does in this world!! Hannah Joan --my oldest, my incredible, wonderful girl--my best Christmas eve gift ever!

And remember--dollar a comment continues!!! Just go HERE to leave a comment of what you are thankful for and I will donate a dollar in your honor to the Starfish Foster home!!
till next time......

Amy xoxoxoox


Football & Fried Rice said...

What a sweet, sweet girl! You have a beautiful family - so good to see you showcase your eldest today!

Stefanie said...

Wow, a Christmas Eve baby.. that is so cool!
Hannah sounds like an incredible child, you are so blessed! Our oldest had a few spurts of 'teen' behavior, but that was it! She's 20 now and absolutely amazing... so there's hope she might stay that sweet girl she is now :)
Thanks for joining in Sunday Snapshot!

Suzy said...

My mom died when I was nine, too. I found out I was pregnant on my mother's birthday. Your Hannah sounds like a joy.

Lisa L. said...

what a great way to cherish the memories....

planning a trip to China to pick up my son. Any travel tips?