The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Crazy or remarkably sane?

Well--I am just going to delve right in and begin documenting thoughts--that hopefully someone can relate to!

I have been pondering as of late--my incessant need to think about, do something about, read about, all things relating to orphans. I have, of course, a major part of my heart invested in these thoughts, being that we have two former "orphans" that I am now lucky enough to call my children. I guess the experience of seeing the children's faces in China. Seeing the desperation. Seeing the helplessness, the HOPElessness. It has affected me in such a profound way. I see these children in my dreams. I think of how I can help--by means of donations, of a foundation that I am starting, of church-related awareness to just how many suffer.

I think about how many more we can adopt--(yes-I admit I do think that) how many we can fit in our house. How many children we can love. But I guess what I have realized is---in the eyes of every single parentless, hopeless child that I see--I see my own children's eyes looking back at me. Am I crazy? Am I incredibly sane?

I like to think that I am the latter of the two. Shouldn't we look at all children--or all PEOPLE of this world as our children--as our brothers and sisters?? Shouldn't we feel compelled to help ANYone in need? Should I feel "odd" that I think about this so often--or just incredibly lucky that I am now so aware?

It's pretty heavy stuff--this stuff that rattles through my brain--and not so pleasant to think about and to see. But what is the outcome? By caring--we propel ourselves into action--and therefore do something altruistic to better the life of someone else--and therefore--our hearts are calm with satisfaction.

In this upcoming holiday season--can I beg anyone that reads this to think about the "hard stuff"--the thoughts that we don't like to think while trying to indulge ourselves in the excess that has become our "Holiday". The faces that lie freezing in cribs in China--no heat--not enough food. The children in need of medical care--not receiving life-saving surgeries simply because there is no one to pay. The children that long for a mother's warm arms around them--a father's strong hand to hold.

I don't have to look too hard to think about these children--I just look down the hall at their tiny sleeping bodies warm in their beds--that for my son Sam--just one year ago slept in a snowsuit--because there was no heat in his orphanage. One year ago--he never swallowed solid food because there was not enough. Think of that as YOUR child--or a child that you love.

Help me-help them!!! Consider sponsoring a child through two of my favorite organizations--

They both provide medical care to orphans in China--and help love these dear one's until they are matched with their forever families---

Here are the links:


What a neat way to give back--to have your family help! And it has the added benefit of making you feel pretty darn good too!!

OK--I am happy I got that off my chest--now the next post will be a little less heavy--I promise!!



Lindsey's mom said...

Great post and I love the photos of your kids. WE will be donating instead of bringing items over..I wnat to be sure the $$ is usefull and it is with these organizations! Thanks!

Katie said...

Your words made me want to cry...We take for granted all the wonderful things that most children in our country have. The thought of children in an orphanage seems unimaginable. I have 3 children, but I would LOVE to have more and your house filled with 6 children sounds wonderful! I will visit these sites to learn more about the children in China. -- Its been fun meeting your children - and reconnecting with you through facebook. I look forward to reading your blog. :)

Grandma Bug said...

Amy, Nikki and Mike sent me your email with the blog. Congratulations on Sam. He is adorable. Hope has really changed also. Hannah has really matured. It is amazing the changes in a year and a half. Good luck with your organization. If we were younger we would go for it. JiJue has been such a wonderful addition to our family. We do what we can to encourage other families to look into adoption of special needs children. Looking forward to seeing more pics of the kids as they grow. You have a wonderful family.

Winnie said...

Amy -

Beautiful family & great story. I admire your passion. Good luck with the blog.

Daisy said...

Amy -

Thanks for voicing what has been weighing heavy on my heart these last few weeks. We are waiting on TA to pick up our 12 yo daughter from china and absolutely loving our 4 yo from Chongquing (home 2-1/2 years). Our children are beautiful! But I want to do so much more! Thanks for being a great advocate of these children.

fellow HAS mother

Flamingo Mama said...

i want to cry. my burden for this is starting all over again. lord help me:)

are you starting a foundation?

we need to get together. i hope this friday works!

Amy R said... are an inspiration! God Bless! the Rech's will be sponsoring one of these beautiful babies thanx to you! Love you xoxo

Jewels of My Heart said...

You are incredibly sane!
you "Get it"
God bless the children....