The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Turkey Hangover....

Hi all!
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday--and that your tummy's are full, and hearts are warm with the time that was hopefully spent with family! We had a great Thanksgiving here--and were thrilled to celebrate Sam's first Thanksgiving with us--and also his first 6 months with us!

It was so neat to see all six of my kids at the table--and see Sam smiling and clapping and genuinely overjoyed at all the attention that his extended family gave him! To think of where he was last year--and how I longed for him to be home--and then to see his sweet self at the table was just awesome!!

I am a big believer in traditions--and although it may be maddening at times--I insist on the holidays have the elements that I have gotten to enjoy during my childhood.

For Thanksgiving it includes--cinnamon buns in the morning, followed by a big loud playing of the Macy's parade--with all the ooohs and ahhhhs in the right places.

Next up is dinner--followed by rest time in front of a nice fire and football game. Coffee, and pie is next---and several hours later--a nice turkey sandwich on white toast with stuffing and mayo--and even a little cranberry sauce to top it off!

Well--best laid plans is all I have to say.....

Woke up behind schedule--overslept so I was in a mad rush to prepare the bird and stuffing. While I am rushing Hannah decides she wants to do a "project" to serve for thanksgiving breakfast---no cinnamon rolls in sight. Parade came on--but kids weren't interested much--they were down in our play room playing video games. They only emerged when I would scream from the kitchen that "so and so" was on!
Hannah's creations~finally--turkey in the oven!!

Dinner was quick--kids ate and ran--and then the pie followed immediately--because all were anxious for desert. My desert was a cocktail because at this point I needed one.
kids table!!!

The highlight of the day however--was an unexpected play put on by my kids and their cousins on "family" it was enough to produce tears--absolutely adorable!

Then family left--and my weary legs rested on the couch--in front of my fire--no football (that was on in another room). And I dozed off to the holiday favorite-"Beverly Hills Chihuahua."

But I did get my turkey sandwich later--and it was just great. I finally had a piece of my homemade pumpkin pie this morning--better late than never!!

So--all in all--it was a great Thanksgiving--I just have to remember--while traditions are awesome to preserve--it's also just fine to make some new ones!!

Enjoy your weekend---God Bless!

Amy xoxoxoox (with soooooo much to be thankful for--it's almost ridiculous!)

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