The whole darn fam

The whole darn fam

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Tuesday!!

****See the above faces?? They are just a few of the babies that are being cared for at the Starfish Foster home--if you haven't left a comment under my "thankful" post--there's still time!! In honor of November being National Adoption month--I am going to continue my offer all month. I will donate a dollar in YOUR honor for every comment under my "thankful" post--so spread the word--you can link my blog, plug it to your friends--whatever--let's get some money raised so that Amanda at Starfish can have an additional reason to celebrate the holiday season!!

Now--onto serious business---I am in the process of holiday shopping for my kids--and I have a tendency of going a bit--ahem--overboard....! I am TRYING desperately to cut back--but I have visions of the Norman Rockwell Christmas dancing through my head as I head down the aisles of Target!! We are surprising my eldest with a puppy for her b-day--which happens to fall on Christmas eve--so that should be fun. But I just wonder why I feel the need to continue to OVERdo!! Why? After I saw what I saw--feel what I feel?? Is there a support group for this??

I need help--I am a holiday OVER-shopper!!

Anyone else have this problem??

Please tell me I am not alone!!

till next time......



Anonymous said...


I love Christmas, so it is hard to control myself. I will let you this though. . .Have fun!


Tara said...

My husband always says I buy way too much for the kids. I say "oh well" "too bad". It makes me happy and it makes the kids happy! So keep buying!

Flamingo Mama said...

i don't know about the overbuying problem, because my heart stopped when i saw that beautiful little girl at the top! oh my goodness. God is starting to move my heart again.

perhaps you could talk about an overadoption problem.:) lol

Amy said...

I have/had the same issue. Now that we have 5 kiddos I knew I had to stop overdoing. I was trying so hard to create the perfect Christmas, but I don't think I was doing my kids any favors. I don't want them to think of Christmas as more greedy stuff. We put a number limit on the amount of gifts we give each child this year. I have to be more intentional about what I am buying, and guess what, I'm done shopping, that never happens. I'm actually really excited about the holidays because I am not going to be stressed!
Best of luck,

Amy said...

I used to have this problem! Then we switched to the 3 gifts deal where each person gets a gold present (what they REALLY wanted, wrapped in gold paper) a frankincense present (something for your soul - a good book, music, etc. wrapped in white paper) and a myrrh (something for your body...clothes, jewelry, exercise stuff, etc.) wrapped in brown or green paper. We have a lot of fun with this and make it a big deal at our house. It helps to limit the chaos and also focus on the meaning of the holiday. Try it!
Also a Mom of 6,
Another Amy

Peggy said...
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China Angel Awaits said...

We don't even have our china angel yet but every year I buy her/him a "good faith christmas gift" (limited to 1 per year) This is something I thought of doing because I have complete faith that this child will be ours someday-I believe in our child with everything I have!! We shouldn't have to buy ANY gifts her/his first christmas home!!!